Concrete Slump Cone Test

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Concrete Slump Cone Test


ü  Slump cone test with stainless steel coneConcrete Slump Cone Test

ü  Weight: 8-10kg

Standards: ASTM C143-90
BS 1881:125


ü  Stainless Steel Cone

ü  Aluminum Cone Funnel

ü  Metal Pan Suitable for Steel and Stainless-steel Cone

ü  Tamping Rod

ü  Slump Measuring scale

Product description

The Slump test method is used for the determination of the consistency, medium and high workability of fresh concrete.The Portable Slump Cone Test Set includes all tools necessary to conduct a slump test on a sample of freshly mixed concrete.

Comprises: The set comprises of slump cone, slump cone funnel, tamping rod which is hemispherical at both ends, base plate, rubber mallet and steel rule. Supplied either galvanized or paint coated to prevent corrosion.

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