Casagrande Method for Liquid Limit

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Casagrande Method for Liquid Limit

ü  Hand & Motorized Casagrande ApparatusCasagrande Method for Liquid Limit 1 Casagrande Method for Liquid Limit 2

ü  Containing: 11*4*11cm & 3*2*11cm grooving tool, 20mm & 15mm Spatula

Standards: ASTM D4318

BS 1377: 2





Product description

The apparatus consists of a hard rubber base carrying bracket which houses the sliding carriage assembly and the cam which is fitted to a handle through the shaft. The apparatus is operated by hand. A revolution counter is fixed to the cam-shaft.  This arrangement is for automatic counting of the number of blows given to the bowl during the test. The bowl  which is fitted, on a follower block, is adjusted by means of screw which alters horizontally the position of the sliding carriage.  The movement allows the drop of the bowl to be adjusted to 1cm with the help of the gauge block (Gauge block is supplied separately along with Casagrande grooving tools.  Gauge block is an integral part of the ASTM grooving tool which can be had at extra cost). When this is achieved, sliding carriage is locked with the locking screws. Whole assembly is mounted on a rubber base.

The ASTM type grooving tool is used for sandy soils and the Casagrande type grooving tool is used for clay type soils.



BPSO 471

BPSO 472


Hand Oprated Casagrande Apparatus

Motorized Casagrande Apparatus











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